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Specialty Uncovering the Sleeping Giant
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Our Experience.

We are a group of highly analytical individuals, with expertise in programming and analysis utilizing various platforms


Analytical Experience/Programs

Experience and Expertise using:

SQL - Tableau - MySQL - Oracle - Oracle APEX - GO Programming - EXCEL - Access - Hadoop - SAS - and many open source software platforms

Studs not Duds

Awaken your Sleeping Giants

Separating the studs from the duds

We have developed specially formulated algorithms designed for the casino industry to differentiate and identify your most profitable players


Host Performance

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Specially designed dashboards showing host effectiveness, VIP player visitation/profit as well as possible over comping


Lightning Fast Results

Fully automated data processing

We have developed an ETL process that will automate database collection and manipulation showing you highlighted KPI's


Machine Performance

Which Machines are Performing

With the Slot Performance Dashboard, you'll get a clear picture of which machines are driving coin-in and which are falling flat


Data Specialist


We have expertise in Data Segmentation, A/B testing setup, Organizing flow, and Automating data processes

About Us.

We have over 20 years of experience working in the casino/gaming industry.

Our roles within the casino industry span from "Database Specialist" to "Director of Marketing" to "VP of Analytics and Development" providing a unique set of skills and understanding, Check out some of our Skills. We have developed several dashboards and a pricing structure that empowers the casino to get what they need when they need it. The reporting is designed to give enough information in various formats to present to the CEO's, Tribal Council, and/or Department Heads, they are also being designed to produce actionable items and show areas with immediate and long term impact to the ROI of promotions, host development and day to day operations. View Current Development Projects


Here is a sample of some of our Dashboards, More detailed reports can be provided upon request.

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Hire Us!


The Dashboards are designed to give you insights into areas of your data that will allow quick and effective decision making, they are designed to answer the questions below and much much more.


Utilizing automated data collection our application is being designed to take the casino marketing team through the full life cycle of a promotion, from concept to mailings to performance to final results. The application will provide a pre-forma to be presented for approval, once approved the application will develop all required list for one-click download, the list will include invited guest, direct mail list, email list, SMS list, and host call list which can all be downloaded individually when needed. During the event the user will see a side-by-side comparison of the predicted event results alongside the live results, this provides an opportunity to adjust if the end-user is seeing an underperformance or an overperformance. Once complete a post-forma will be immediately produced providing a side by side look at the pre-forma and final results along with ROI

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